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20+ Resources to Promote Speaker Diversity in STEM Fields

How many times have you attended a conference and noticed…
Digital health -tracking-crystal ball 2018
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18 Digital Health Predictions: Transforming Wearable Tech and Health Tracking

The world of digital health is rapidly transforming, especially in the wearable tech and health tracking space. Here’s some of the big shifts that will happen in the future (animals, energy harvesting, arts, rare diseases and more).
Capturing your health: View your past in a PHR on a laptop, view your present via a wrist tracker, see your future with virtual reality (VR).
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Capturing the Past, Present, and Future of your Health: PHRs, Trackers, and Virtual Reality

Thanks to technology, you now have the ability to look back…
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Why it's Easy to Fool Your Activity Tracker and What You Can Do About It

What quirky activities have you done that your activity tracker…
Smart clothes - Simplicity pattern c 1970
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Dress for Success: Key Features Smart Clothes Need to Succeed

You've probably heard of dressing smart, smart dressing, and…
Blood drop on a finger. There are many key questions to ask before DTC testing.
Wearable tech in animals is evolving to quantified Earth
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Wearable Tech for all Creatures Great and Small

"Hello, ma'am. Are you interested in AI?" The weathered gentleman…