12 Vintage Health Tips: What’s Old Is New

12 vintage health rules from 1908 textbook

Get plenty of sleep, eat right, drink lots of water, don’t smoke, get fresh air, exercise. That’s advice you could hear today from your mom. And your mom might have heard it from her mom.

Those tips, and several more for good health, were published in 1908 in a textbook called Introductory Physiology and Hygiene, by H. W. Conn, Ph.D. These vintage health rules still hold more than one hundred years later.

Now we have cutting-edge health tracking apps, wearables, and devices – for both your body and your home – that are designed to help you follow these guidelines (ok, maybe not the ‘tight clothing’ rule).

What devices will future moms have to help their kids follow these everyday health rules?

Intro Physiology and Hygiene textbook

This book is from my collection of vintage health, wellness, fitness, and physiology-themed textbooks. This new post marks the 110 year anniversary of this book. I previously published a post on this book’s page several years ago.

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