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Why it’s Easy to Fool Your Activity Tracker and What You Can Do About It

What quirky activities have you done that your activity tracker falsely counted as steps? What about playing the drums, folding napkins, or directing a choir? How about opening and closing the refrigerator door? These are all activities that netted people “steps.” If you’re like the majority of people in a recent survey, you consider accuracy […]

Dress for Success: Key Features Smart Clothes Need to Succeed

You’ve probably heard of dressing smart, smart dressing, and even smart casual. But what’s really becoming fashionable are smart clothes. Smart clothes are garments that have sensors integrated into them to monitor your body. The sensors may be part of the fabric (such as conductive thread that’s woven or knitted into the material). Sensors can […]

Key Questions to Ask Before You Have Bodily Fluids Tested for Athletic and Health “Insights”

Have you been tempted to part with some of your blood, pee, poop, spit, or other bodily fluids for testing to gain insights on how you might optimize athletic performance, sexual prowess, sleep, well-being, longevity, or [fill in the blank here]? Many companies now offer direct-to-consumer (DTC) lab testing that’s typically not part of routine […]