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Carbohydrates and sports performance: rinse, repeat, win?

Can simply swishing a carbohydrate-containing solution around in your mouth improve short-duration exercise performance? Yes, according to intriguing new research. It’s been well documented that ingesting carbohydrates during exercise can improve athletic performance in events lasting for several hours or more. But in events lasting for only an hour, the carbohydrates you suck down aren’t […]

The definition of play (courtesy of Tiger Woods)

When you look up the definition of play or ask play researchers for their definition, you’ll typically end up with a jumble of words that include “unstructured,” “fun,” “voluntary,” “creative,” “unpredictable,” “improvised” and “joyous.” But play is much easier to define and describe with movement. These videos of Tiger Woods completely embody the defining elements […]

Blinded by science? Check out Scitable

Does genetics make your toes (and DNA) curl with glee? If so check out Scitable. This new “collaborative learning space for science” is from Nature Publishing Group (NPG), one of the top-notch publishers of science information. The site offers: A science library with over 150 free articles that explain the science of genetics. A community […]


Kinetic ki•net•ic  adjective Of, relating to, or produced by motion. Moving or causing motion; motory; active, as opposed to latent. Our bodies are in perpetual motion, from the winding and unwinding of our coiled DNA to the beating of our hearts and accelerating of our limbs. This blog explores, debates and celebrates the body as […]