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The 2011 mHealth Summit Summed Up in 5 Quotes, Words and Companies, Plus 1 Jacket

This year’s mHealth Summit was very, very large (more than 3,600 people from 50 countries), and very, very diverse (researchers, policy makers, health care providers, developers, entrepreneurs).  There was a bit of something for everyone, and numerous outstanding summaries have been written from several perspectives (see list below).  Here’s a quick snapshot of what stood […]

Self-Tracking Meets Ready-To-Wear: Make Room in Your Closet for Smart Clothes

Your LBD (little black dress) is about to be joined in your closet by a SWD (smart wearable device). The worlds of electronics and textiles are becoming interwoven and the results are going to profoundly impact your health. Here’s what you need to know about e-textiles and smart fabrics and a preview of the clothes, […]

Boosting Athletic Performance With Beetroot Juice, Nitrate and Spit

“Research reveals new secret weapon for Le Tour,” read the press release headline, referring to the Tour de France. “Now there could be a new, completely legal and rather surprising weapon for riders aiming to shave vital seconds off their time – beetroot juice.” Beetroot juice? Within 24 hours my local bike club forum was […]