Entries by Carol Torgan, Ph.D.

Self-tracking: Checking under the hood

Our bodies are exquisite self-tracking machines. We’re artfully engineered with rheostats and feedback loops and switches. The number of times our heart beats in a minute, the temperature of our body, the pH of our blood, the sodium concentration inside our cells, and the turning on and off of our genes are all tightly regulated. […]

mHealth Summit 2010: A context check list

“Involve end users at the very beginning.” – Walter Curioso, MD, MPH, PhDc., Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia and University of Washington At the second mHealth Summit, over 2,500 individuals from almost 50 countries converged in Washington, DC to discuss the mHealth (mobile health) ecosystem. Several themes surfaced, including scalability, profitability, sustainability, and data accessibility. But […]

12 real foods for real results: Insider tips from top sports nutritionists

Do you have a pantry full of gels, bars, powders, and neon-colored fluids? Sports fuels (engineered foods) can have a valuable place in training and racing, and are a mainstay of professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. Slurping down ooze from a foil pouch, however, can never match the joy of nibbling on a soft […]

mHealth: Health where you live, work, and play

“More than 99.95% of our time is spent outside of clinics and hospitals. Health is where you live, work, and play.”  – John Mattison, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO), Kaiser Permanente Southern California The health care space was redefined recently at a pair of meetings that brought together a wonderful mix of industry, tech, […]

Please touch: Lessons from Leonardo da Vinci

“Oh my God!!!!  We’re allowed to touch!” “Look at the sign!” Those were the squealing voices I heard recently at the brilliant Da Vinci-The Genius exhibit at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC.  The exhibit showcases full-scale machines, reproductions of famous Renaissance paintings, and detailed anatomical sketches from Leonardo da Vinci. The interactive inventions […]