TEDxPotomac Word Cloud

TEDxPotomac: A River Runs Through It

TEDxPotomac Word Cloud

“The river is woven into our history. It graces our landscape. And in a modern urban environment, it is a reminder of our connection to the natural world, to ideas larger than us, and to our past and future.” – Patrick Smith, TEDxPotomac Organizer

The inaugural TEDxPotomac drew its name and inspiration from the Potomac River. Ideas surged and ebbed and flowed and branched.

The word cloud above highlights actions and ideas passionately conveyed by speakers and participants throughout the day. Some concepts that resonated:

  • Humans have a basic need to collaborate. [Berit Oskey]
  • We need context to give meaning. Find something in your world and discover its name and learn something about it. [Bob Corrigan @bobcorrigan @eolpm]
  • The difference between first and second place: Do one more thing one more time. [Josh Sundquist @joshsundquist]
  • Engage people. Share results. Ask for feedback. Listen. Repeat. [Craig Newmark @craignewmark]
  • Redesign your expectations of what is possible. [Yoko K @yokokami]
  • Data is power. Information is power. [Shannon Hader]
  • Foster accountability over scapegoating, dispersion of power over concentration of power, transparency over anonymity. [Frances Moore Lappé  @FMLappe]
  • Live your life in pursuit of what makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. [Warren Brown @cakelovewarren]
  • Excellence touches people deeply [Steve Moore @readysetdc]
  • Civility is a big deal. Be nice. [Craig Newmark @craignewmark]

And from the final talk of the day highlighting the theme of rivers and water:
Water is life. We are all environmentalists. Water connects us all across the globe. [Alexandra Cousteau @acousteau]

Thanks to the organizers, speakers, sponsors, and other participants for sharing their time, energy, and passion.

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