Wearable Tech and Press-on Nails

What if Wearable Tech was like Press-on Nails?

“Press-on nails?” you might be thinking. “This is really stupid. Where are the cool buttons to push and the graphs? And what about guys?”

Step back from the step trackers and other gadgets crowding the tech conference expo halls and crowd-funding sites. Look around you. Look at how people choose to adorn their bodies. Look at their hands. Look at their feet.

Now go walk through your neighborhood drug store. Look at what’s prominently featured in the big displays at the ends of the aisles.

The nail care business is big business. According to Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), 33% of women surveyed have at least 25 bottles of nails polish. Large chains are creating “destination areas” for products.

As I browse around photo sharing sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr, I notice brightly colored nails that span ages and cultures and even gender. People are adorning themselves, expressing their individuality. Sometimes it’s with a loud shout and sometimes with a whisper. They’re having fun.

Isn’t this what wearable tech should be about?

Wearable Tech Pinterest Board

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